Policy Briefs

During its current course, PLATFORM published four policy briefs to communicate results of analysis and discussions to decision makers at national and European level. The policy briefs are produced in frame of the Work package 2 Policy: “Bottom-up recommendations to improve impact”. The intention of policy briefs is to support and inform national programme owners and managers in their endeavours towards better coordination, the need for P2P cooperation and also towards opening up to currently underrepresented Member States that would be interested to join. The actors within the existing ERA-NETs and JPIs have, collectively, a good oversight and expertise and are well-positioned to explore opportunities for collaboration, as well as to give recommendations on new networks needed.

To the PLATFORM Policy Briefs

More about the recommendations and downloads of the full reports click here.


A Poster Presentation of the PLATFORM Bioeconomy in 2014.

PLATFORM brings together the European Research Area Networks (ERA-NETs) in the bioeconomy, as well as several JPIs and SCAR working groups. Through improving exchange and cooperation it strengthens the contributions and impact of the ERA-NETs.

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