The PLATFORM project

PLATFORM is funded under Grant Agreement 288422 of the EU Seventh Framework Programme and 652635 of Horizon2020.

About the PLATFORM project

Consortium and Expert Advisory Group

Work Packages


About the PLATFORM project

PLATFORM brings together European Research Area Networks (ERA-NETs) and other relevant public-to-public (P2P) partnerships in the area of the bioeconomy: food, agriculture, aquaculture, fisheries, forestry, climate, biodiversity and biotechnologies.

PLATFORM is the forum for funders and programme managers and plays a central role in facilitating and improving the coherence between the P2P partnerships active in the bioeconomy. The current network under H2020 continues and expands the work of FP7 PLATFORM (2012-2014) with the following objectives: to further increase collaboration among actors, to foster inclusiveness, to increase capacities for efficient and effective ERA-NETs, and to inform research policy making.

More than 30 ERA-NETs have been set-up in the Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes on a wide range of scientific subjects and disciplines relevant to the bioeconomy. The first ERA-NET Cofund actions under H2020 have just started. Under FP7 the PLATFORM project brought together key actors of all relevant ERA-NETs in the areas of food, agriculture, forestry, marine, aquaculture, biodiversity and biotechnologies with the aim to improve exchange and cooperation and to strengthen the impact of ERA-NETs on the European Research Area and the European bioeconomy. PLATFORM H2020 builds on the results of the FP7 PLATFORM. The network of actors from ERA-NETs, Cofunds, and Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs) is being further expanded, as well as the interactions with e.g. the Standing Committee on Agricultural Research Working Groups (SCAR WGs), the European Commission (EC), the European Innovation Partnership Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-AGRI) and Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI-JU). The initiatives undertaken over the last years for mutual learning and capacity building are being strengthened. PLATFORM H2020 is capitalizing on coordination among networks to rationalize on limited resources for maximal impact and on informing policy makers. Flexibility to address relevant developments and to engage in interaction and dialogue is being kept.

Work Packages

WP1 Practice: Efficient, effective, and inclusive organisation of ERA-NET activities
This work package harbours the activities centred around practical, operational, aspects of ERA-NETs.

WP2 Policy: Bottom up recommendations to improve impact
This work package supports and informs national programme owners and managers in their endeavours towards better coordination and also towards opening up to currently underrepresented Member States that would be interested to join. Results of analyses and discussions will be communicated to decision makers at national and European level through policy briefs.

WP3 Communication: Project dissemination, interaction, and collection of bioeconomy ERA-NET information
This work package provides all means and support to ensure effective communication between the ERA-NETs and other initiatives targeted by this project, including interaction with the wider bioeconomy community.

WP4 Annual Events: Meetings for networking, sharing information and experience, and enhancing coordination and collaboration
PLATFORM organises each year an event for which all networks were invited to delegate one or two persons to engage in two days of presentations, break-out discussions, and formal and informal networking.

WP5 Project management Lead P1 WUR
This WP makes sure the project runs smoothly management-wise and that we deliver timely the financial and progress reports. The organisation of the kick-off meeting and of project management meetings is foreseen in this WP, as is the steering of the teamwork.